Who We Are

Give Life to Art is a consortium of businesses, entrepreneurs, and artists empowering creativity through education, media, events, and technology.

What We Believe

“Businesses can create mutual success by sharing values, beliefs, talents and resources.”

Thats why we created the Consortium.
The Consortium is a unity of businesses empowering creativity and creating win-win-win commerce.

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“Collaboration and innovation that is focused by a purpose creates thriving communities.”

Thats why we created the RESET.
RESET educates and empowers millennials to make a difference in their community.

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“Social justice and equality is a basic human right.”

That’s why we created EQUAROX.
EQUAROX is a festival celebrating universal equality and social rights.

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What We Do

Build Communities

Develop Social Platforms

Creative Consulting

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Our Story

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Our partnership makes the whole greater than the sum of our individuals. We’d love to hear your story and how you see a mutually beneficial relationship.

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Contact Us

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